[Tutor] smtplib starttls() error

Terry Carroll carroll at tjc.com
Wed Jan 10 19:12:07 CET 2007

On Wed, 10 Jan 2007, Kent Johnson wrote:

> For major version upgrades (2.x -> 2.x+1) that is correct. For minor 
> upgrades (2.x.y -> 2.x.y+1) the new version usually installs over the 
> old and uses the same custom packages. I don't know what happens if you 
> install the python.org distribution over an ActiveState distribution, 
> though.

I have no firsthand knowledge here, but I would suggest following the 
approach Activestate's page recommends.  Install the python.org 
distribution to a separate directory (actually, if possible, I'd do it on 
a different machine, so the install process doesn't mess up your paths 
and file associations), and copy out the two ssl files to the ActivePython 
directory.  Again, verify that the install process didn't muck up your 
path, file associations, or anything else; and if it did, fix it manually.

Or else maybe someone on this list can volunteer to email him the two SSL
files.  (I would, but I'm an Activestate user, too, so I don't have them

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