[Tutor] Clustering?

Carlos carloslara at web.de
Tue Jan 16 15:35:29 CET 2007

Hello to everybody,

I have a question that I think is a little related to clustering, I have 
a list of lists, like this:

List = [[1,5],[6,8],[48,10],[99,56]]

The list is composed by a large number of lists not just four, and each 
'interior' list contains two numbers that are the location of an object 
in a plane, so they are X and Y coordinates, my question is:

Can I use this list to evaluate how many points are in a given range? 
Thats is taking the highest and lowest values for X an Y and, lets say 
divide that range in 10 regions, then get the number of objects on each 
region. Is this possible? and if yes, how canI do it? I ask this because 
as you know my python skills are not that great :)

Thanks in advance for your help,

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