[Tutor] Perfect Python web stack?

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> Ok pythonistas!
> Please help me to decide. I might have asked some of you 
> before, so please bear with me.
> I want to build a database driven python web app and i need 
> to decide, so please vote on the best components (im 
> developing on XP SP2): 
> 1) MySQL vs PostGRES
> 2) Lighttpd + FastCGI vs Apache + mod_python
> 3) Pylons + Cheetah + Kid/Mochikit/Dojo vs Django/Turbogears
> This is not to light fires, its for my sole information :-)
> Thanks in advance, gurus.
> "Shortash"

I think I recently read the you need to purchase MySQL to get a binary
for Windows, but don't quote me. 

Postgre + Apache + Cheetah + Dojo is working for me. Sometime soon, I
want to experiment with Django.

I'm not familiar with Lighttpd, FastCGI, mod_python, Pylons, or Kid.
When I was looking for a JavaScript toolkit, I took a look at Mochikit
and Dojo. I was able to understand Dojo better although I hear that
Mochikit is more Python-like. <shrug />

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