[Tutor] Perfect Python web stack?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Wed Jan 17 16:09:02 CET 2007

OkaMthembo wrote:
> Ok pythonistas!
> Please help me to decide. I might have asked some of you before, so 
> please bear with me.
> I want to build a database driven python web app and i need to decide, 
> so please vote on the best components (im developing on XP SP2):
> 1) MySQL vs PostGRES
> 2) Lighttpd + FastCGI vs Apache + mod_python
> 3) Pylons + Cheetah + Kid/Mochikit/Dojo vs Django/Turbogears

All of these have their proponents. If you search comp.lang.python you 
will find many discussions. Start here:


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