[Tutor] 'elp!!!!!!!1Totally Clueless Newbie In Distress

János Juhász janos.juhasz at VELUX.com
Sun Jan 21 13:40:25 CET 2007

Dear Karl,

I use getch() when I start my script from the windows desktop and 
I am interested about its output.

import msvcrt
raw_input('Are you distressed ?\n')
print ('It will be better, I am sure :)')
msvcrt.getch() # append as last line

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> * Karl Wittgenstein <miago.python at gmail.com> [2007-01-20 13:10]:
> > Ok,got the script working almost fine now...The only problem is that 
> > program window closes before we can get a glimpse of the answer...I 
use SPE
> > under WinXP, and have seen this problem in every script i try...This 
is the
> > script,as redone by a Smart Caring Dude on this list:

Yours sincerely,
János Juhász

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