[Tutor] Difference between filter and map

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Tue Jan 23 16:10:41 CET 2007

vanam wrote:
> i want to know the difference between filter(function,sequence) and 
> map(function,sequence).I tried for a simple script with an function 
> which finds the square of the number,after including separately filter 
> and map in the script i am getting the same results for instance
> def squ(x):
>      return x*x
> filter(squ,range(1,3))->1,4(output)
> map(squ,range(1,3)->1,4(output)

Are you sure about that? I get

In [1]: def sq(x): return x*x

In [2]: filter(sq, range(3))
Out[2]: [1, 2]

In [3]: map(sq, range(3))
Out[3]: [0, 1, 4]

map(fn, lst) returns a new list with fn applied to each element of lst. 
In terms of list comprehensions, it is [ fn(x) for x in lst ].

filter(fn, lst) returns a new list containing all elements of the 
original list for which fn(x) is true. As a list comprehension, it is
[ x for x in lst if fn(x) ]


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