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Tue Jul 10 00:51:52 CEST 2007

python 3.9 File Objects  of Python Library Reference

from the document i know that if I want to open a text file I do:

f = open("text.txt", "r+")

and thus create f as an file object i can then use.

however, i don't understand these functions


I have a file like this one:

command = func_babara
parameter_1 = 300
parameter_2 = 300
parameter_3 = 50
parameter_4 = 0
parameter_5 = 0
parameter_6 = 0

,as you see, i need to process it one line at a time and use this .ini file
as a configuration file.

how do I use those functions, I don't understand the libarry reference.

also, I need to output lines like above to text.txt,  how do I do it?
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