[Tutor] Question about lambda and new.instancemethod

Tino Dai tinoloc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 00:51:30 CEST 2007

Hi Everybody,

     I have been working on a parser for myself. I want to create methods on
the fly with the information that I get from a file. Here is my question:

class configure:
         <.....stuff deleted......>
         def parseGlobal(self,projectName,section,project):
               for element in section.childNodes:
                     if not element.nodeName == "#text":
                     self.glblFunc["get" +
+ element.nodeName.encode("ascii").capitalize()] = \
                     lambda self : element.firstChild.data.encode("ascii")

          <...and later on...>

def addMethod(instName,funcDict):
    for k,v in funcDict.iteritems():

The instance name and funcDict (which is the populated self.glblFunc) get
sent up to addMethod. This is supposed to create a new method within the
instance of my class. Instead, I get a AttributeError exception thrown. So,
I check the code using inspect.getsource, and for all of the new methods
that I create, I get

'                + element.nodeName.encode("ascii").capitalize()] = lambda
self :  sys.stdout.write(element.firstChild.data.encode("ascii"))\n\n'

instead of

lambda self :  sys.stdout.write(element.firstChild.data.encode("ascii")

Could anybody tell me why this is happening or do you need some more code

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