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    The attached code makes a number of colored rectangles visible 
in a canvas. Each rectangle should match with a pre-recorded sound 
file (in .wav or other format) containing the pronunciation of a 
letter of the alphabet in a given language. For instance, the first 
rectangle, in white, should correspond to the sound "a" (let's say, 
in Spanish) and it should be heard once the cursor is inside the 
rectangle. This can easily be done with the "PlaySound" command of 
"winsound". It is less obvious to find the proper binding event that 
will both play the sound "a" and show the corresponding sign (or 
letter) "a", preferably in a blinking mode, after a short time 
interval within the rectangle. 

    Can someone suggest a possible solution to this problem?

    Moreover, as the complete set of rectangles should, in 
principle, represent all sounds of a given language, it also should 
be possible to generate any word in that language by moving the 
cursor from one rectangle to the other - just as a teacher would move 
a pointer to similar signs if they were shown on a blackboard. For 
instance, in order to produce the word "amigo" (if we stick to our 
Spanish example) she first would point at the white rectangle, then 
at another rectangle (not shown here) corresponding to the sound and 
the sign "m", then at a third one for "i", and so on until the whole 
word has been formed. 

     The word itself (and, in fact, entire sentences) could be 
heard after having been pre-recorded in a lexical database. The user 
could then be asked to write the letter, word or phrase he/she has 
just heard in a text area below the set of rectangles. He/she could 
also be asked to repeat the same sounds (letter, word and sentences) 
in order to receive a corrected feed-back, provided some voice 
recognition and synthesis devices were available.

     The functionalities I am trying to implement for this purpose 
(aside from the more traditional ones of resetting, erasing text and 
quitting the program) are those that will enable the user to hear a 
sound (letter, word or whole sentence), write what he/she has heard 
in a text area, repeat it and wait for a corrected answer through a 
voice recognition and synthesis process. Can this be done in Python?

     Thank you in advance for any suggestion or answer, even 
partial, to my question.

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