[Tutor] how do I input " as part of a string?

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Sat Jul 14 04:48:06 CEST 2007

I actually meant to type send, because the text file is then going to read
by auto it 3, which
has the function
I use that functions this way because I have
for sale , for that, unless someone wants to make 100USd, I have to write a
application interface between the two, which is what I am doing.

# opens autoit3source.au3 to write

f = open ("sc.au3", "w")

#  au3              send("text")

def send(string):
     f.write('\"%s\"\n' % string)

to restate my question, this is what I need:

how do I do this?

variable = taitle
    f.write(texttexttexttext'\"%s\"\n' % variable   textextexte  )


as in, I not only need to

include " in between,  I also need to input text string before and after the

an example


MsgBox ( 0, "title", "text" )

0 means it's a vanilla popbox with "ok"  other numbers could mean , ignore,
cancel and so forth.

how I want to use it

organge = 5

f.write( "there are orange "florida" oranges on the counter")

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