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please think about your first programming class, and then think about how
long it took the prof to teach the concept of array.

yes, it's about a week, if he is really good.

python is a very young language, prefered by professionals of its
simplicity, as such, the number of character of the document divided by the
actual code has a very high ratio,

because its well written document of people who know multiple languages, I
have to as what appears to be the same question over and over because
Ican't  read
the documents.

it's too cryptic. and as I go, i just come across dumb problem like:

how I want to use it

organge = 5

f.write( "there are orange "florida" oranges on the counter")

yes i know that i have asked about how to include a qutation mark and I have
asked about how to include a variable, but separately.

i know  it 's less than 3  "  , but i don't know where

entertain my frustration.
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