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If you name the SSH client (which I believe you've been calling an "SSH editor") you're using, I might be able to give you step by step instructions for setting your client to use X Forwarding.

If the SSH server doesn't allow X Forwarding, I recommend using a program called 'screen'.  Basically, 'screen' allows you to use a shell a bit like the tabbed browsing in Firefox (or Opera, IE7, etc.) by creating a framework wherein you can create new virtual shells and switch between them using keyboard shortcuts.  What is more, you can label the virtual shells and even copy/paste text between them.  I can give you plenty of information about using 'screen' if you want it, what I'm getting around to is that if I was in your situation I would have the python interpreter running in one virtual shell whilst running vim in another virtual shell.


That's pretty much what I was attempting.  I was advised to mark the "Tunneling" box (TunnelingX11 Connections), and it's checked.  I don't see the X Forwarding option, however.  Under that same tab I checked for anything else system-wise that would pertain and I don't see anything.  Again, I have XWin32 installed, but I probably need to renew it or somehow get it to work as you've described.  Anything else I should check?

>>For example, I worked on this basic Unix editor 'Pico' before I learned I could switch to Vi and >>have
Sorry...I meant to say "Putty" not Pico...  Not important, just clarifying.


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