[Tutor] Python Image library

Tiger12506 keridee at jayco.net
Thu Jul 19 01:38:45 CEST 2007

You know the height and the width of the image, no?

So you know that every 'width' number of pixels will start a new row.
So if you wanted say the fifth row down, second pixel, how would you find 

The 1st line:  'width' number of pixels
The 2nd line: 'width' number of pixels
The 3rd line: 'width number of pixels
The 4th line: 'width' number of pixels
The 5th line: 2 pixels in from the left

Add those up ~  width+width+width+width+2
Or  4*width+2

That number is the index to use to get the pixel at coords (2,5)

pixel = getdata()

For this example.
Work out a more general solution for yourself please.


> getdata() returns a flattened list, [n]
> but i am not sure how to access it.
> when I want to get rgb from a window of 100,200,
> get data starts from 0    (0~99, 0~199)
> the point of  x,y = 2, 1
> do I put in
> pixel[100]   ?
> it's actually not the case  @_@
> what should I put in ?

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