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Doug Glenn doug at foruminfosystems.com
Thu Jul 19 23:42:22 CEST 2007

Greetings all,

Please forgive my instrusion with some simple questions.  I don't have any
formal training in programming so I have to get some guidance to some
terminology from time to time.  What is a generator and what is its purpose?

I am planning on building a DVD catalog utility for Linux in Python, or at
least that is my ultimate goal in starting out.  The only one I have found
is buggy and does not work on my system.  So the only other alternative is
to write one myself.  Because I plan on releasing it with the source when I
get done I would prefer to have it as polished as I can make it :)  I look
dumb enough on my own thank you!

So I may have a quite few questions as I move along regarding databases and
connectivity along with a possible way to mount a CDROM or any other media
as needed either authenticated or unauthenticated depending on the system
settings in the fstable.  Obviously if user is not in there then I will have
to sudo to root to mount the drive in order to read it.  Then we have
sorting.  It doesn;t make sense to toss this into a database willy nilly if
I don't so some sorting on it beforehand by type.  I am open to suggestions.

So thank you all in advance for your time and your patience!
Warm regards,
Doug Glenn
FORUM Information Systems, LLC
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