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Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at rexx.com
Fri Jul 20 17:46:10 CEST 2007

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 11:04:38PM -0700, Deby Campbell wrote:
> Hi , I?ve been using the IDLE python but when I try to make
> scrips with a word editor, but when I try to use them in the commend prompt it
> says there is no such file or directory except when I use the first one I made.
> So I thought I would just use the one that worked but for some reason it still
> brings up the answer for the old one.

Here are a few comments and questions that may help you work
through your problem:

1. You mention using a "word editor".  You should be using a
   (plain) text editor.  Do *not* use a word processor.  You can
   find a list of text editors suggested for editing Python scripts
   here: http://wiki.python.org/moin/PythonEditors

2. At the command line, when you type "dir" (without quotes), what
   do you see?  Is your script listed?  If not, you will need to
   find your script.

3. If your script is not in the current directory, either (1)
   change to the directory containing the script with the "cd"
   command or (2) use the full path to the script, as in:

       python c:\some\path\to\myscript.py

Hope this helps.


Dave Kuhlman

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