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Sara Johnson sarliz73 at yahoo.com
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I am setting up an Xming/XWindows (forwarding?) and I followed what was instructed.  When I got ready to connect, it all looked okay, but then I got this message.

 'Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion'

Anyone know?


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Sara Johnson wrote:
> That's pretty much what I was attempting.  I was advised to mark the
> "Tunneling" box (TunnelingX11 Connections), and it's checked.  I don't
> see the X Forwarding option, however.  Under that same tab I checked for
> anything else system-wise that would pertain and I don't see anything. 
> Again, I have XWin32 installed, but I probably need to renew it or
> somehow get it to work as you've described.  Anything else I should check?
>>>For example, I worked on this basic Unix editor 'Pico' before I
> learned I could switch to Vi and >>have
> Sorry...I meant to say "Putty" not Pico...  Not important, just clarifying.
> Thanks,
> Sara

I have never attempted to use X Forwarding in Windows, but here is a guide that seems to tell you all you need to know:


>>From what I can gather, you should contact whomever is in charge of the SSH server if you can't get GUI programs working after following that guide.

Also, just so we don't end up massively confusing each other:

PuTTy is your "SSH client."
The server to which you are connecting is the "SSH server."
Pico and Vim are examples of "text editors," which are sometimes called "UNIX editors" by Windows folks.

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