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Actually, I think you just solved one of the main issues I've had.  That is, trying to figure out how much it'll help to have the GUI session open with the SSH session (as was recommended when I set out to do these projects).  I had it in my mind that having this up and working would mean that these projects would make more sense.  I could have been using two SSH sessions all along, I suppose.  Another concern was more towards the specific nature of these projects, once I have to concern myself with graphics on a few tasks.  For all I know it may not matter either way, but I had to check.  I've been talking to someone else off list about that.

Anyways, thanks for help!  


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>  I use an SSH editor set up by my school.  If I type python at the 
> prompt in SSH,
> I get the Python shell.  My problem is, I can't open a GUI no matter 
> what
> I subscribe to or purchase.

OK, Personally I'd forget about a GUI, its not that big a win for 
Python IMHO.

What I'd do instead is open two SSH sessions, in one of them I'd open 
vim session (or emacs if you prefer) to edit my code.  In the second 
open a python interactive session for testing stuff.  You can also use 
job control to background this session if you need to test the 
scripts, or
you can open a third SSH session with a Unix shell prompt. In practice
that's how I do nearly all my serious Python programming on Windows
- using 3 separate windows: vim, Pyhon and shell.

Try ideas out in the Python session, copy those ideas into the editor 
save the file and then run the code in the shell window. Repeat as 

> I have Python 2.3 and yes, I can access the commandline, but that 
> does
> not work the way it's been described to work.

What is missing? It should work like any standard >>> prompt.
However it will be the vanilla version without some of the nice extras
that IDE shells often provide and depending on how your Python was
built it may not offer GNU readline capability to recall previous 
commands etc.

Finally, If you really want to run an X GUI I'd recommend getting 
Its big but it includes a near complete Unix/ X environment for your 
(including the fonts) as well as an SSH client and provi8ded your SSH
server allows X to run - and many don't for security reasons - then it 
work. You will have to issue the xhosts incantations of course to tell 
server to accept requests from your PC. Pesonally I think its more 
than is worth it unless you will be doing a lot of work on that server 
a long time..

My opinion for what its worth! :-)

Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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