[Tutor] IDLE Usage - was Interpreter Restarts

Robert H. Haener IV humbolt at comcast.net
Mon Jul 23 18:09:56 CEST 2007

Alan Gauld wrote:
> I was still on vacation on the 17th so wouldn't have seen it then.
> But I just checked the gmane archive and there is nothing from
> you on the 17th about screen. (Lots about vim and SSH etc but
> not about screen)
> Alan G.

This is the last I'll add to this little derailment, thought I'd point out that I just found the message on gmane.  In case you care to look, it was sent at 17:49:25 GMT on the 17th, the screen info was under the link to the X11 Forwarding guide.

Lacking other evidence, I'll stop worrying about message delivery and simply assume that I shouldn't cover two subjects in one post.


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