[Tutor] Livewires questions

Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 23:34:02 CEST 2007

Tonu Mikk wrote:
> Luke, thank you for your quick and complete response.  Based on your 
> suggestions I have already made some progress!  BTW, I am so glad that 
> I can ask this list my Python questions and get help.  I began feeling 
> quite stuck and not knowing where to turn for help.  So, thank you for 
> the great service!
Sure!  I'm happy to he;lp :)
> [snip]
>   It took me a loooong time to figure out how to write my code so that 
> when the robot sits exactly on top of the player, there is a message 
> "you have been caught" :-) .  When I run the code, the robot will sit 
> on top of the player and I can have the  message printed - yeaaah!
Awesome, congrats!
> [snip]
> Thanks for this suggestion.  I will likely need to re-write how I 
> check for boundaries.  Currently I was checking for boundaries after I 
> moved the player.  I did this by not letting the player_x and player_y 
> coordinates to be changed if the player was going to go beyond 
> boundaries.  It seems I need to put in a check for boundaries before I 
> move the player.
That should have worked as well.
> Yes, I do want you to comment on the code, absolutely, which I see you 
> so generously did in another email.
 >_>  Yes, I tend to ramble a bit when explaining things.
> Thank you,
> Tonu
That's what I'm here for, all you guys' smiling faces ;)

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