[Tutor] Shelve del not reducing file size

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Barton David wrote:
> I mean no offense and lay no blame. It's simply that I feel like I've
> been led up a nice gentle beach and suddenly I'm dodging boulders at the
> bottom of a cliff.
> I've learned to program with Python (and can hardly conceive of a better
> language to be honest)- and I still think the core language is great:
> elegant, easy to use and brilliantly documented.
> But the more I explore the standard library and third party modules, the
> more I run into trouble: a chaotic library structure that seems to
> conceal capabilities rather than promote them, similar modules that
> don't work in similar ways, a whole new level of opaque programming
> lingo that makes me feel excluded, behaviours that I don't understand,
> don't want, and that I can't find documentation to explain, and so on.
> I guess it's not Python's fault: I'm guess I'm just too stupid. But I'm
> just getting really disenchanted. Sorry.

No, the Python documentation is sometimes brief. And some places are not
really documented (like some dusty corners in the hotshot profiler). But
OTOH, it's also hard on newbies, because it usually documents but does
not explain what a module does, e.g., it often expects the reader to
know the protocols involved, sometimes it expects the reader to know
computer science basics.


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> Barton David wrote:
>> *sigh* I'm really going off Python.
> In what way is it Python's fault that the dbm database doesn't reclaim
> disk space?
> Kent
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