[Tutor] Which GUI?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 28 01:58:30 CEST 2007

"Tiger12506" <keridee at jayco.net> wrote

>> As between Tkinter and wxPython, I started on Tkinter, but have 
>> been won
>> over to wxPython, although I've only played with it so far.

I'm in transition. The problem I find with wxPython is the two-stage 
widget/bind widget style and I find the layout management slightly 
cumbersome. But OTOH if i was starting from scratch instead of having
10 years of Tkinter (and Delphi) background I might think differently!

>> with wxPython is that it's poorly documented, but there's a book 
>> out on it
>> now that you should beg, borrow or steal if you plan on using it.

Agreed. Until the book came out I only played with wxPython briefly.

> Tkinter is easier to program from the start, but I quickly discarded 
> it for
> wxPython.

I think Tkinter is easier to throw a quick GUI on top of an existing 
- and to be fair thats all Tk was originally designed to do for Tcl...

wxPython has a richer widget set - although the (poorly documented) 
module closes the gap considerably.

> The windows looked foreign, and childish, because as a newbie at
> the time I didn't want to take the time making things pretty

I've never found the look a problem, but I've seen enough complaints 
know it matters a lot to some folk.

Finally wxPython does come with some tools that are genuinely useful
in their own right - ALa Mode is much better than IDLE IMHO!
And PyCrust is now my standard interpreter shell.

If you do want a very quick feel for Tkinter and a comparison with
wxPython take a look at my GUI topic in my tutorial. Its about as
brief as it can get...


Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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