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Eric Brunson brunson at brunson.com
Sat Jul 28 17:32:20 CEST 2007

Alan Gauld wrote:
> "Andreas Kostyrka" <andreas at kostyrka.org> wrote
>>> a lot to build the Tacoma Narrows bridge... Similarly you don't 
>>> need
>>> much math to build a GUI friont end to a database, but you need
>> I would question even that one can write a good GUI frontend to a
>> database without the theory behind it. Database design has a number 
>> of
>> important theoretical foundations ....
> But the math is in the design of the database. If it already exists 
> the
> GUI design is usually more a matter of good usability design. There
> might be a bit of SQL going on but usually a data browser GUI doesn't
> need anything sophisticated, that should be hidden in an application
> (with API) or in a set of stored proceduresbin the database itself.

I'm definitely a believer that if you get the data model correct first, 
the software almost writes itself.  I've usually found that when I have 
trouble accessing the data I want, I didn't design the schema correctly.

>> Well, the advanced stuff was there. But the Modula2 introduction to
>> programming was a joke, most students did not even understand the
>> concept of local variables and procedure parameters after one 
>> semester.
> Thats bad. As I say our Pascal course was a fairly dull but complete
> introduction to elementary programming including file handling and
> dynamic data structures. Our final program was Conways game of Life
> which had to be able to be paused and saved to disk, and later
> restored...
> Ahhh, the memories!
> Alan G. 
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