[Tutor] Livewires questions

Tonu Mikk tmikk at umn.edu
Sun Jul 29 21:31:22 CEST 2007

Luke Paireepinart wrote:
>> Sure, sure.  I'm glad it at least ran.  I don't have livewires 
>> installed so I wasn't able to test any of the code I wrote.
>>     Thanks again for your help.  If you have suggestions on the 't' key,
>>     please share them.  This seems to be the one issue preventing me 
>> from
>>     going forward.
>>     Tonu
> Actually, I may not have time for this after all.  I'm in the final 
> throes of a Differential Equations class (it's really accelerated to 
> fit all in one month) and even on weekends I have to study for it.  
> Luckily it's done in 9 class days (we do class 12-1:40 M-F, so that 
> puts the Final on Thursday) so I will gladly offer any help you need 
> after that time.
> But until then, I'm not sure when I'll be able to do anything.
> P.S. I forgot to hit reply-all on the previous e-mail, which is why I 
> left it intact.
Luke,  Good luck with the class.  It seems a challenging one judging by 
the name :-).  I was able to get the player to be moved into a different 
location on the grid when the "t" key is pressed.  The answer was, as it 
often is, in reading the manual :-), in this case the Graphics worksheet 
that talks about removing objects which is a bit of the Livewires 
magic.  Here is my code that removed the player from the board and 
placed it in a new location when the 't' keys is pressed:

        if 't' in keys:
            remove_from_screen (player_shape)

I will now venture forth with the rest of the instructions in the 
exercise.  Thank you all for  helping me over the hump!


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