[Tutor] PyCrust IDE/Shell

Switanek, Nick nswitanek at stanford.edu
Sat Jun 2 01:10:21 CEST 2007

Hi Hieu,

In my Scripts folder there are MS-DOS batch files and files without extensions that include "pycrust" and "pyalamode". Double-clicking either version of pycrust in this folder doesn't do anything I can see. There are no .py files (apart from CreateBatchFiles.py and CreateMacScripts.py, which creates the MS-DOS batch files from the extension-less files), so how should I run pycrust?

Thanks in advance for any further help you can provide.


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Hi Nick,

Installing wxPython on Windows creates a Scripts folder, in which the
goodies like PyCrust and Pyalamos are installed, you can run it and be
good to go.
On *nix, the scripts would be installed in the prefix's bin dir,
hopefully all starting with py :-)

The PyCrust is a better python shell (than the defacto one and the one
in IDLE), not quite a full blown IDE. I know of the SPE by Stani at
<http://pythonide.blogspot.com/> that use PyCrust, but I'm not aware
of any other one.


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