[Tutor] Command Line Promps

Jason Coggins jason at asahnekec.com
Sun Jun 3 23:05:57 CEST 2007

I am using Linux and yes I am wanting the program to run another program.  I 
have tried these before but, if I remember correctly, these methods caused 
the original program to "freeze" while waiting on the "spawned" program to 
return a value (usually either true or false).  I am planning on having the 
program start another program and then exit the original program after the 
second program is started but before the second program ends.  I will take 
another look at these to see if I can work around the "freezing" problem 
because I have a little more experience then when I tried it the first time.

I used the reply button to send a reply to the first message.  I did not 
realize it would send the reply directly to you instead of the list.  I have 
tried to send this reply to the list.



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> Please always reply to the list, not just me. We are all working on these 
> questions and we all learn from them.
> Jason Coggins wrote:
>> These seem to be ways of getting imput from the user.  I do not want to 
>> send a command line to the user (for example, in the form of a question) 
>> and get the users input.
>> I want the Python program to open a terminal (if need be) and send a 
>> command to the computer (through the terminal) that the program is 
>> running on.
> I think what you really want is to have Python run another program. True?
> (Not that it matters a lot but which OS are you running?)
> See os.system() and os.popen()
>> Sorry if I was not more clear on this earlier,
> Well it is often hard to be clear, but it sure saves time and energy.
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