[Tutor] Questions about easygui and compiling

Gordon chaosweevil42 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 08:49:12 CEST 2007

I have no experience with EasyGUI, but to answer your other question, 
you do not "compile" Python in the way you compile C or Java.

Python can be compiled into a .pyc file, which is slightly faster to 
start running and obfuscates the source, but it doesn't really do much, 
practically.  You can also use Py2EXE or PyInstaller to make standalone 
executables for Windows.

Simply running a script through the Python interpreter is as far as you 
can get for now, although there is a project, name "Psycho", which 
translates Python to x86 Assembly, though it is only available for 
Windows and Linux, and doesn't always speed things up.

Hope that helps!

Rafael Bejarano wrote:
> Hello,
> I am very new to python and have a couple of questions, to which I  
> would very much appreciate answers from the members of this list.
> First, I am trying to learn to use easygui to present simple dialogs  
> and get input from the user. To this end, I wrote a very short test  
> program, just to make sure I new how to use easygui. Although I get  
> no error messages when I run it, the dialog boxes do not appear. What  
> might I be doing wrong? It may be helpful to know (a) that I am  
> learning python on a Mac iBook g4 (running OS 10.4), (b) that I wrote  
> the test program using the Smultron text editor, and (c) that I am  
> using python launcher to run the program. I would be only too happy  
> to send a copy of the program as an attachment or pasted in the body  
> of a future e-mail message, should someone on this list feel that  
> doing so would be helpful in answering my question.
> Second, how does one compile python programs?
> Cordially,
> Rafael Bejarano
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