[Tutor] Questions about easygui and compiling

Rafael Bejarano bejarar at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 9 00:31:29 CEST 2007

Thanks. I'll definitely try out your instructions.

On Jun 8, 2007, at 4:21 PM, Gordon wrote:

> Yes, I can.  But first, make sure to hit"Reply All" to send replies  
> to the list, rather than just me :)
> Anyhow, there are a couple ways, but I think the easiest is to make  
> a one-line script that imports the file you want to make a .pyc out  
> of.  You'll end up with 3 versions of the file, a .py, a .pyc, and  
> a .pyo.  You can then take the .pyc and run it in any compatible  
> Python interpreter.
> There are ways to make multiple files into .pyc all at once with  
> the "compileall" module, which you can find more about at in the  
> Python documentation.
> Rafael Bejarano wrote:
>> That is helpful. Thank you.
>> Can you tell me how to convert a script to a .pyc file?
>> Rafael
>> On Jun 8, 2007, at 1:49 AM, Gordon wrote:
>>> I have no experience with EasyGUI, but to answer your other  
>>> question, you do not "compile" Python in the way you compile C or  
>>> Java.
>>> Python can be compiled into a .pyc file, which is slightly faster  
>>> to start running and obfuscates the source, but it doesn't really  
>>> do much, practically.  You can also use Py2EXE or PyInstaller to  
>>> make standalone executables for Windows.
>>> Simply running a script through the Python interpreter is as far  
>>> as you can get for now, although there is a project, name  
>>> "Psycho", which translates Python to x86 Assembly, though it is  
>>> only available for Windows and Linux, and doesn't always speed  
>>> things up.
>>> Hope that helps!
>>> Rafael Bejarano wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I am very new to python and have a couple of questions, to which  
>>>> I  would very much appreciate answers from the members of this  
>>>> list.
>>>> First, I am trying to learn to use easygui to present simple  
>>>> dialogs  and get input from the user. To this end, I wrote a  
>>>> very short test  program, just to make sure I new how to use  
>>>> easygui. Although I get  no error messages when I run it, the  
>>>> dialog boxes do not appear. What  might I be doing wrong? It may  
>>>> be helpful to know (a) that I am  learning python on a Mac iBook  
>>>> g4 (running OS 10.4), (b) that I wrote  the test program using  
>>>> the Smultron text editor, and (c) that I am  using python  
>>>> launcher to run the program. I would be only too happy  to send  
>>>> a copy of the program as an attachment or pasted in the body  of  
>>>> a future e-mail message, should someone on this list feel that   
>>>> doing so would be helpful in answering my question.
>>>> Second, how does one compile python programs?
>>>> Cordially,
>>>> Rafael Bejarano
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