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Michael Klier chi at chimeric.de
Mon Jun 11 17:41:25 CEST 2007

Simon Hooper wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> * On 11/06/07, Michael Klier wrote:
> > Alan Gauld wrote:
> > > I'm not surecwhy but your messages are coming through to me 
> > > as text attachments which makes quoting them tricky...
> > 
> > Hmmm, I did a group reply in mutt the last time, lets see if a direct
> > reply and manuall CC: works right.
> I don't know if you are aware, but mutt has a great list-reply command
> (bound to L by default) which "does the right thing" for mailing lists.
> Look up list-reply in the mutt manual.

Actually I wasn`t aware of "L", so thanks for the tip :D (mutt has a
monster of a manpage ;) I am not surprised I missed that). I always use
"r" which works with mailing lists that have the "Reply-To" header set
(I know that`s not preferred, and I understand why ;)). I think there
was a long thread about this topic a while ago on this list (could be
another one too, can`t rember that on top of my head). And, maybe I got
it wrong, I thought it would be preferred on this list to use the
senders mail in To: and CC: to the list?

Best Regards

Michael Klier
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