[Tutor] iterating over a sequence question..

Iyer maseriyer at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 17 08:59:47 CEST 2007

say, if I have a list l = [1,2,3,5]

and another tuple t = ('r', 'g', 'b')

Suppose I iterate over list l, and t at the same time, if I use the zip function as in zip(l,t) , I will not be able to cover elements 3 and 5 in list l

>>> l = [1,2,3,5]
>>> t = ('r', 'g', 'b')
>>> for i in zip(l,t):
...     print i
(1, 'r')
(2, 'g')
(3, 'b')

is there an elegant way in python to print all the elements in l, while looping over list t, if len(t) != len(l) as to get the output:

(1, 'r')
 (2, 'g')
 (3, 'b')
(5, 'r')

I could iterate over l only and reset the index to point to the first element of t, in case the elements in t are "exhausted" . Any pythonic way to iterate over a sequence, while iterating over another shorter sequence continously (granted that the lengths of the two lists are different)?

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