[Tutor] ongoing saga

Kirk Bailey deliberatus at verizon.net
Sat Jun 23 17:58:06 CEST 2007

well  now. I had a new idea, a product to let managers communicate to
workteramss in offices- sends messages to groups of people.

My approach is valuable because iit is so simple, and does not requirte the
opeininig of new ports in the fireewwall of a site- it opperates through
port 80, the http port. It is very easy to use at bothe ends, and only 1
program is employed to accomlish it's work.

Now here is  the intresting part- Sellinig it. As offices are so different
in their setup, using it takes some case by case 'fitting' to apply it to
each office. A house IT staff can install and adapt it to their situationb
on their own, or employ our firm to custom install it for them. Therefore,
we are going to GIVE IT AWAY, but offer support and installation services.

So here's the miravcle of the money tree- we make money by giving it away,
then letting people pay us to bring a ladder when they dig their own graves.
It  will become available to the public in a month.

So how's YOUR money tree growing?

	-Kirk Bailey
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