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Kirk Bailey deliberatus at verizon.net
Sat Jun 23 20:46:34 CEST 2007

Luke Paireepinart wrote:

> I was under the impression that managers e-mailed their workteams if 
> they needed to talk to groups of people.
indivigual messages. many offices have teams working on customer service or
some group task where a leader needs to address the team, NOW, and often in
these environments, will do this by ANNOUNCING messages. This distracts, and
> If the people are on an intranet, there shouldn't be any firewalls 
> blocking their communication.
> The firewall would be between the computers and the internet, correct?
That is the general idea. Some places have several submets and for security
reasons channelize and limit communications between them. This is simple
enoug to install that the group manager's workstation can mount a simple
server for it  to use, avoiding the need to breach the wall. banks come to
mind as a place where there is considerable need for ligh level security
within the firm, devloping something which is classified is another office
environment  where it would be needed.
> The point of a firewall is to block all traffic which may be harmful to 
> computers behind it.
Ah, but the possibility of human trojan agents is why many office use
diskless computers, and internal security. there are situations where one
must guard against iinternal threats.
> If your software listens on port 80, this is an abuse of the firewall 
> spec, IMHO.
Ho so? A web serveris working normally on port 8o. MANY applications are
acccessed through browsers, and through a webserver. So?
> The reason people are willing to open port 80 is because they know the 
> only thing that will be listening
> on the other end is Microsoft IIS or Apache, both applications which 
> have been under constant, stable development for years
> and have good security.  Putting an application you just wrote from 
> scratch with no regard to the security of it provides
> hackers an entrypoint into your network via your application.
But sir,  it IS accessed THROUGH apache, or IIS.
> In addition, I doubt the managers would move to universally supporting 
> your application - many of them would desire to continue to use
> e-mail for communication - and this would result in the workers having 
> just another intrusive application they have to leave open all the time,
> as they're already required to leave an e-mail client active, I would 
> guess.
email sits there waiting for you to look at the email client. this displays
the message  within seconds of sending it- no client must come to the top of
the d esk to be visible, it already is. Please look at the example on the
link I posted to see what I mean.
> Anyway, I'm just a college kid with no experience in this kind of stuff, 
> so if I'm completely wrong then correct me,
> but that's how I'd see it as working.
The dialog is good, and dodging bullets is good mental exercise. raise the
objections, let's see if they draw any blood.
> P.S. my money tree's a little dried up right now but I hope with some 
> water and some love it'll be rejuvenated soon.
> -Luke
The money tree for me is pretty simple; give it away,  let them look at the
example, sell them install and support service. And as it is written in
python, this community of snake charmers are all potential tech support
personell for it. Does that offer any possibility of revenue stream to you?

The example PAGES are on the server now, just look at the source code. Want
to see the script? Let me know.

	-Kirk Bailey
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