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Bit torrent .torrent file aquisition assistance.

Given a webpage of forum threads that links to download links of .torrent
files, the code should
download every .torrent files it can find within 2 levels of connections.

Bit torrent high performance client

Given that popular bit torrent clients cannot handle past 400 simultanuous
torrents activities,
A code can be written to selectively run only active torrents. If and when
an active torrent
download has been deemed less productive, alternatives should be initiated
until the most
productive option has been found.

This process should continue until when at least when the bandwiths
available has been saturated.
In the ideal scenario, both system computational power as well as the
internet connection should
be used to their maximum.

How do I do this?
It shoulbe be easy to run .py of the bit torrent client, I think it's all
about getting data
from the client so the code can have feedback. I am not sure how to do this.
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