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Kirk Bailey deliberatus at verizon.net
Fri Mar 2 20:48:28 CET 2007

Hello world

: helloWorld ."Hello World!;

that's it.

HelloWorld is now part of the language. Now if your language instance 
lets you compile it down, it will include all functions to create that 
function, and leave all others out, resulting in a executable. Mine came 
in at 263 bytes.

Microsoft C came in at 47 K.

to add 2+ 2:


As it uses Reverse Polish Notation and is stack oriented, doing math is 
rather intresting, different, and novel. It's a novel language. VERY 
good for controllers giving you maximum program in a small device such 
as your usuall PIC chip. Really SHINES in this venue.

Here's a link to wikipedia:

But this is python list, so enough of comparitive languages.

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