[Tutor] httpd in your laptop?!? serve web pages and wikis in y our notebook?

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forth and postscript are both rpn notated languages. stack oriented languages include also other stuff, e.g. the jvm assembly language. (Although the security verifier does place rather strict limitations on the allowed stuff)
but that's where the common things end. forth is a lowlevel language that manipulates memory directly, it's untyped too ;)

postscript otoh is a typed language with comparable safety to Python.


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> "Luke Paireepinart" <rabidpoobear at gmail.com> wrote
>>> forth ... while very good for small programs
>>> to imbed into controller cpu's to bury inside some machine,

> It's a relatively little known fact that Sun use Forth as the
> monitor/bootloader  in their servers. When you do a shutdown
> on a Sun box it takes you into a Forth interpreter!

>>> different that rank beginners learn it faster than experienced 
>>> hands
>>> do. it's just so damn odd.

> Yep, it's one of the few languages that I just gave up on,
> the pain wasn't worth the gain. I wound up moving to Tcl;
> and Tcl isn't exactly mainstream! But it was a lot more
> conventional than Forth. The only language I've used that
> was equally different was Prolog.

Postscript borrows heavily from Forth, I think.


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