[Tutor] Printing labels

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Wed Mar 7 16:48:20 CET 2007

Steve Maguire wrote:
> I am a Python beginner.  For my first task I wanted to fix a program that I
> originally wrote in Excel with VBA.  I want to create a mySQL database
> holding my DVD collection, edit it in Python, and print labels for the 
> cases
> with an index for filing and a catalog of all the titles their indices.
> To print the labels the way I want, I will need extended control over the
> printer:  positioning the printer precisely and changing fonts, colors, and
> background colors.  Is there a public python library that could give me 
> this
> level of control?

Best bet is probably using Reportlab (http://reportlab.org) to generate
PDF. Their platypus layout scheme is very flexible, and you may even
find someone's already done labels as an example.


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