[Tutor] The whole Roman to Dec and vice versa issue

Jaggo jaggojaggo at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 15:33:44 CET 2007

I'm a rather new programmer, but it seems to me the digital to roman should be coded:
While Digital_Input > 0:
If Digital_Input > 1000 then: Roman = + M, Digital_Input = - 1000
elif Digital_Input > 900 then: Roman = + C, Digital_Input = - 900
Now if someone could please clarify [or forward me to clarifications of-] separation of data from logics I should be very grateful.

[Come to that, if someone could point me to a *simple* gui which I can use in python, keep in mind I did learn a little VB, I should be grateful as well.]

Thank you.
Omer Tabach.

Quoting Bob Gailer :

>> Digital to Roman pseudocode:
>> 1. if digital_input is greater than 1000:
>> subtract 1000 from it and add "M" to string roman_result
>> # How do you do that, add one character to the end of an existing string?
> Start with an empty string:
> roman_result = ""
> To add a character at the end:
> roman_result += "M" # Python shorthand for roman_result = roman_result + "M"
roman_result + "M" would also work, right/ I'm just trying to save  
time on typing in the code, right
>> # also, how do I modify the digital_input variable (it's an integer)
> digital_input -= 1000

is that somewhat like digital_result = digital result - int(1000)?

>> several times through the conversion process?
> You will be processing the input in a loop (while or for).

running = True and
while running

is how I've tended to set

(my pseudocode)

> As you gain familiarity with Python you will develop ways to separate
> data from logic. I might say more about this later, but right now I'm
> about to drive north a bit.
I have already gained some familiary with separating data manipulation  
(data and logic, as a whole) from the code for the user interface,  
that's something that oen of my advisors has been big on.

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