[Tutor] Quicktime & Python

Hugo González Monteverde hugonz-lists at h-lab.net
Tue Mar 13 18:53:47 CET 2007

Miguel Oliveira, Jr. wrote:
> Hello,
> Just wondering: is there a way to play quicktime .mov files from  
> python? I am trying to run an experiment and would like to have  
> Python to play the .mov files I have in a given sequence (or in  
> random), in full screen and to record a log of the files that were  
> played, the order and the time. Any help will be very much appreciated.

I would use mplayer. You can control mplayer through a simple text 
interface called slave mode and log what you send to it.

I've got some code you could use, using the subprocess module if you 
want it.


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