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Gardner, Dean Dean.Gardner at barco.com
Thu May 3 14:01:43 CEST 2007

Hi Folks

I wish to isolate certain changelog entries and display them to the
user, for example:


----------Some Module <Tag> ----------
M 000751 - Title
> what was amended
Reviewed by: Someone

----------Some Module <Tag> ----------
A 000752 - Title
> what was amended
Reviewed by: Someone
----------Some Module <Tag> ----------
A 000751 - Title
> what was amended
Reviewed by: Someone

For this text file I wish to find all entries for 000751 and then
present each of the changelog entries.

My thought was to
identify the "----" with a regular expression
identifying this as the changelog start
attempt to find the item number
if it isn't found move on, if it is found then add this to a list.

But I feel as though there must be a simpler and more effecient way. 

Thanks in advance
Dean Gardner
Test Engineer 
Bonnington Bond, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh EH6 5NP, UK
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