[Tutor] Python fast enough for ad server?

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed May 9 22:59:38 CEST 2007

    there's also the question of the delivery architecture:
if there are multiple machines in a clustered
configuration, even something such as DNS round
robin, then improving performance is a matter of
throwing machines at the front end.

On May 9, 2007, at 1:17 PM, Alan Gauld wrote:

> "OkaMthembo" <zebra05 at gmail.com> wrote
>> I need to write an ad-serving application and i'm
>> using Win XP as my dev platform.
> The real issue is what are you using for your deployment
> platform,. If its Win XP then Python is probably fast
> enough since XP cannot handle huge volumes anyway.
> If its enterprise scale Windows or some other OS then
> there are other questions to ask.
>> i wonder if Python would have the performance or
>> scale fast enough to a large user base.
> Define large. Its not normally the number of users
> that matters but thenumber of concurrent users.
> Google has probably 10's of millions of users
> but less than a million at any one time. Are we
> talking google sizes?
>> Python and Java, but Jython only supports Python 2.2
> Jython will not be significantly faster than Python.
> And unless you have a good optimising/JIT compiler
> neither will Java IMHO.
> But Python 2.2 would be adequate to write a server
> anyhow so you just lose a few of the latest bells
> and whistles, no big loss. Given the choice between
> Python 2.2. and Java 5 I know which I'd prefer...
> Alan G.
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