[Tutor] IDLE running fine now under Windows 95:-)

Alexander Kapshuk akap at isd.dp.ua
Thu May 10 15:06:38 CEST 2007

IDLE in Python 2.2.3 working fine on my laptop now. I'd like to give
Python 2.5.1 one more try though:-).


Looks like it didn't 'seem' to run not because there was something wrong
with the laptop or Windows as such, but because of the USER not being
patient enough. It's an old beaten up thing that requires a certain
amount of patience on the part of the user.


I was able to run it successfully for the first time by accessing it
directly from Python22\Tools\Idle\idle.py and then the 2nd time by
clicking on the IDLE icon on my desktop.


So, sorry for causing much ado about nothing:-).


Thank you all once again.




Alexander Kapshuk

ISD Education Office



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