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Thu May 10 21:06:51 CEST 2007

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> Alan said:
> What do you see the maze as doing?

T's reply:
The maze is simply the backdrop.  I've attached the new and improved code.

Alan said:
> OK, So I'm asssuming these gifs represent something, not actual gif
> files?

T's reply:
um... actually, the .gif will be a photo that will be taken as part of the 
'game'.  In other words, eventually, the user will be able to take a series 
pictures of themselves if they have a webcam (I have a script that will do 
that).  Then, the first pic (without going into too much detail) will be the 
main pic as it goes around the maze.  When the pic 'collides' with items 
that will be placed (much like a pacman game) another pic will be displayed 
(happy for good items, sad for bad items).

So, now I'm building the .gif class and will post questions, or successes as 
they occur.

Thank you for your help and suggestions, and for any 'future' suggestions 


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