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Hi,I just started python today and I would like a few pointers, if you don't mind.  I tried using a tutorial, but was only able to get the correct results for the most basic problems.  # Area calculation programprint “Welcome to the Area calculation program”print “–––––––––––––”print# Print out the menu:print “Please select a shape:”print “1  Rectangle”print “2  Circle”# Get the user’s choice:shape = input(“> “)# Calculate the area:if shape == 1:    height = input(“Please enter the height: “)    width = input(“Please enter the width: “)    area = height*width    print “The area is”, areaelse:    radius = input(“Please enter the radius: “)    area = 3.14*(radius**2)    print “The area is”, areaI've been trying to get this to work.  I was on a forum on Google and they said to put:input("press ENTER to continue")at the end.  I did, but it didn't work.  It runs the program but just shuts itself off when its done and i don't even get to select any of the option things that i'm supposed to be able to select.  It just turns on then back off and I don't even get to see anything.  Could someone help me out.ThanksAdam
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