[Tutor] Getting value from web page

Vladimir Strycek vladoportos at vladoportos.sk
Sun May 13 19:02:22 CEST 2007

Hi all,

i have a page which when i download from web by python and put tu 
variable have something like:


neer end ( actualy this is only thing on that page.... + <head stuff> )

What i need actualy is to get this values 119/1157/43/40 to 
variables...., they are changing allthe time, but they stay numbers and 
"/" is always between numbers, they are always 4

I tried using re to search for it but without luck :(

could somebody more experienced with re than me how to do it ?

something like match = re.match('+/',htmltxt)  (in htmltxt is the source 
code downloaded from web)  <-- example not working ;)

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