[Tutor] ActivePython and CPython

Senthil_OR at Dell.com Senthil_OR at Dell.com
Mon May 14 15:12:29 CEST 2007

What are the difference between ActiveState's Python distributions and
the standard Python distribution from   python.org <http://python.org> ,
and   which is better?

Answer:  Python from python.org is Open Source Software developed under
OSI compatible license. Bunch of Python Developers are working on fixing
bugs and releasing next version of python on various platforms.
ActiveState provides a commertial distribution of same python with
support options. They have a custom built installer, which will install
extra modules like Python Windows Extensions and Documentation like
regex tutorials and Mark Pilgrim's excellent work "Dive Into Python".
All these are available for download from web however.
I dont think there is a question of which is better. Both are better,
check with your requirements. If you willing to contribute back to
python community and raise bugs against Python software, download and
use the latest from python.org 
 Also, what IDE will give a user the ability to view HTML designs of a
web application as well as the code view (like Dreamweaver does with PHP
Answer: PyDev for Eclipse turns Eclipse into a pretty good IDE for
Python. You may figure out similar extension for Eclipse for HTML
development as well. That would satisfy your need. As it said, Eclipse
is an IDE for any thing in general and nothing in particular.

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