[Tutor] Web GUI for a network management tool

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Mon May 14 16:48:13 CEST 2007

Thanos Panousis wrote:
> I was about to start with a JSP solution for my web interface. But a
> short tutorial convinced me that writing this thing in java/jsp is
> simply crazy!!!! My god, coming from everyday python development it
> just shocked me to see how much code these guys are actually
> writing.... Just to do the most obvious of tasks.

Yes. And then they look at you crazy if you suggest there might be a 
better way. I'm a refugee from Java myself.
> I am now seriously considering a matplotlib/python web framework
> solution. I just hope that matplotlib
> plays well with the web, and that I can integrate it to play with an
> MVC architecture that is employed by turbogears for example.

I am using matplotlib and Django to create dynamic charts, it works 
fine. Maybe you missed my earlier pointer to a recipe for this:

The recipe creates a chart in memory and returns it as a string. 
Something very similar should work with other web frameworks.
> On 5/11/07, Kent Johnson <kent37 at tds.net> wrote:
>> Thanos Panousis wrote:
>> > I 'm going to need some hardcore graphing functionalities. And for
>> > that reason alone, I think jfreechart is the only thing that provides
>> > free and decent solution, also designed with the web in mind.
>> jfreechart is a Java library so it will not integrate easily into a
>> Python web framework.
>> Did you look at matplotlib? It is a very capable graphing library. You
>> can see examples of its output here:
>> http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html
>> > So everybody seems to prefer some framework even for not complicated
>> > (business) logic. I 'll try to go for something lightweight.
>> web.py is pretty light, I think:
>> http://webpy.org/
>> Kent

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