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Very cool! Where is Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde? ;-) Maybe dog catchers
would be better foes for Dusty.

On 5/18/07, Teresa Stanton <tms43 at clearwire.net> wrote:
> Hi all:
> Remember when I was having problems moving my .gif around my Tkinter maze?
> Well, I was going about it all wrong (as some pointed out).  What REALLY
> works is a graph.  I used a dictionary, the keys are main coordinates that
> are a path that the .gif follows using a greedy algorithm that finds all
> the
> paths to a determined location.  The definition of the keys are all the
> possible directions the .gif can go.  Not all paths are covered on
> purpose.
> In any case, here is the updated code, for those who asked me to post it.
> I'm hoping to have it completed next week, without the gif of my dog (lol)
> and a bad guy or two to follow the gif that will be used in the maze.
> The next thing I have to do is bind an event to the arrow keys that will
> update the current x and y position.. I haven't quite worked that out yet.
> Right now the gif moves through the maze based on the path.  Now the event
> (an keyboard arrow) should tell it to go to that direction at the next
> turn.
> The function that defines the move is called move_gif().  I could use some
> ideas because I keep getting stuck on the details. How does the event
> effect
> the current course through the maze? Does it somehow update the current
> call
> to find_all_paths?
> Or some sort of Helper function that interrupts the current path at a
> vertex
> giving it a new path?  That one seems most likely, but I'm still stuck on
> how to stop at the vertex and move to the new location.  Any help would be
> appreciated.
> T
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