[Tutor] creating a buffer object from a file ?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue May 22 09:32:11 CEST 2007

"Iyer" <maseriyer at yahoo.com> wrote

> How do I go about creating a buffer object from
> a file containing binary data ? I have a function
> that accepts only buffer objects for it's parameters

Can you define what you mean by a buffer object?
Python uses duck typing so, unless the function has
been badly coded with an explicit type check, it
should accept any object that supports the methods

If you really do need a buffer the docs say:

Buffer objects are not directly supported by Python
syntax, but can be created by calling the builtin
function buffer(). They don't support concatenation
or repetition.

Which was new to me. But some experimentation
with the interpreter shows:
class buffer(object)
 |  buffer(object [, offset[, size]])
 |  Create a new buffer object which references the given object.
 |  The buffer will reference a slice of the target object from the
 |  start of the object (or at the specified offset). The slice will
 |  extend to the end of the target object (or with the specified 
>>> b = buffer('fredrica', 2,4)
>>> b[:]

So we can see how to create a buffer object.
You want to do it with a binary file. You can read the content
of a binary file using the struct module. But you need to know
what kind of data is in your file. To create a buffer you need
a string. So do you want your buffer to process the raw binary
bytes as if they were a string? Or do you want to convert the
binary data and then convert it again into a string representation?

Either is possible but you need to decide which you need.

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