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kumar s ps_python at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 23:42:42 CEST 2007

hi group,

i have a data obtained from other student(over 100K)
lines that looks like this:
(39577484, 39577692) [['NM_003750']]
(107906, 108011) [['NM_002443']]
(113426, 113750) [['NM_138634', 'NM_002443']]
(106886, 106991) [['NM_138634', 'NM_002443']]
(100708, 100742) [['NM_138634', 'NM_002443']]
(35055935, 35056061) [['NM_002313', 'NM_001003407',

I know that first two items in () are tuples, and the
next [[]] a list of list. I was told that the tuples
were keys and the list was its value in a dictionary.

how can I parse this into a neat structure that looks
like this:
39577484, 39577692 \t NM_003750
107906, 108011 \t NM_002443
113426, 113750 \t  NM_138634,NM_002443
106886, 106991 \t  NM_138634,NM_002443
100708, 100742 \t  NM_138634,NM_002443
35055935, 35056061 \t

I treid substituting in vim editor but it is not

Thank you


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