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Wed May 23 17:57:24 CEST 2007

Hi all,I've been working with this new program that I wrote.  I started out with it on a Ti-83, which is much easier to program than python.  Now I'm trying to transfer the program to python but its proving to be quite difficult.  I'm not sure what the whole indentation thing is for.  And now I'm having trouble with the if statement things.  #"Circle Data Calculation Program:"print "Welcome to the Circle Data Calcuation Program."print    #"Menu 1:"print "Pick a shape:"print "(NOTE: You must select the number of the shape and not the shape itself)"print "1 Circle"print "2 Square"print "3 Triangle"    #"User's Choice:"shape=raw_input("> ")        #"Select Given:"if shape == 1:        print "Choose the given value:"        print "1 radius"        print "2 diameter"        print "3 circumference"        print "4 area"#"User's Choice:"given=raw_input("> ")if given == 1:        radius=raw_input("Enter Radius:")        diameter=(radius*2)        circumference=(diameter*3.14)        area=(radius**2*3.14)        print "Diameter:", diameter        print "Circumference:", circumference        print "Area:", areaif given == 2:        diameter=raw_input("Enter Diameter:")        radius=(diameter/2)        circumference=(diameter*3.14)        area=(radius**2*3.14)        print "Radius:", radius        print "Circumference:", circumference        print "Area:", areaif given == 3:        circumference=raw_input("Enter Circumference:")        radius=(circumference/3.14/2)        diameter=(radius*2)        area=(radius**2*3.14)        print "Radius:", radius        print "Diameter:", diameter        print "Area:", areaif given == 4:        area=raw_input("Enter Area:")        radius=(area/3.14)          This is the whole program so far, because I haven't quite finished it yet.  But I tried to get it to display another list of options after you select a shape but it just does this.Pick a shape:1 Circle2 Square3 Triangle>1>1>>>I'm not sure why it does that but I do know that it is skipping the second list of options.Another of my problems is that I can't figure out how to get it to accept two different inputs for a selection.  Like I want it to accept both the number 1 and circle as circle then list the options for circle.  It won't even accept words.  I can only get it to accept numbers.  It's quite frustrating actually.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance,AdamI tried to get it to display ano
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