[Tutor] dealing with nested list values in a dictionary

kumar s ps_python at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 04:31:45 CEST 2007

Dear group,

unfortunately my previous post got tagged as
'homework' mail and got no responses. 

In short, I have a dictionary structure as depicted

I want to go over every key and print the key,value
pairs in a more sensible way. 

I have written a small piece of code. May I request
tutors to go through it and comment if it is correct
or prone to bugs. 

Thank you. 

>>>md = {(21597133, 21597325): [['NM_032457']], 
(21399193, 21399334): [['NM_032456'], ['NM_002589']], 
(21397395, 21399192): [['NM_032457'], ['NM_032456'],
(21407733, 21408196): [['NM_002589']], 
(21401577, 21402315): [['NM_032456']], 
(21819453, 21820111): [['NM_032457']], 
(21399335, 21401576): [['NM_032457'], ['NM_032456'],

>>> for item in md.keys():
	mlst = []
	for frnd in md[item]:
		for srnd in frnd:
	mystr = ','.join(mlst)

21597133	21597325	NM_032457
21399193	21399334	NM_032456,NM_002589
21397395	21399192	NM_032457,NM_032456,NM_002589
21407733	21408196	NM_002589
21401577	21402315	NM_032456
21819453	21820111	NM_032457
21399335	21401576	NM_032457,NM_032456,NM_002589

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